We now have an app for the English Holy Bible Recovery Version! The app contains the Recovery Version of the Holy Bible with its numerous study aids, including the subject and background of each book; detailed, interpretive outlines; enlightening footnotes, valuable cross references, and a variety of useful charts and maps. Bible reference links in other Living Stream Ministry eBooks now open in this app.

The app also allows you to:

  • Search verses and footnotes.
  • Use bookmarks.
  • Highlight, tag, and annotate.
  • Copy, paste, and share.
  • Open footnotes and cross references without losing your place in the text.
  • Open verses and notes within footnotes.
  • Create multiple reading profiles.
  • Keep control of your annotations and other data.
  • View in light, dark, or sepia mode.
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For more details on using the Recovery Version App:

Go to App Manual

Getting the Most out of the Recovery Version App

Below are helpful videos showing how to use the different features available in the Recovery Version App.

Basic Navigation
How to navigate in the app.

How to search verses and footnotes.

Selection Menu
How to access the verse selection menu.

How to share verses with others.

Copy Function
How to copy verses.

Adding Notes
How to add and save notes on verses.

How to add, save, or remove bookmarks.

How to highlight verses.

Tags, Part 1
How to create tags.

Tags, Part 2
How to use tags.

Appearance Tab
How to adjust font and color theme.

Features Tab
How to turn on or off features.

Profiles Introduction
An overview of profiles.

Profiles Basics
How to use profiles.

Profile Settings (1)
How to set default profile.

Profile Settings (2)
How to designate a profile when using verse links.

Export User Data
How to export your user data from the app.

Import User Data
How to import your user data to a new device.

Full Version & Restore a Previous Purchase
How to restore a previous purchase.

Version Information & Acknowledgements
How to find information about your app.

Audio Feature
How to use the text to speech audio feature.

Software Updates
How to check app version for latest update.

Sync Feature
How to sync user data to the cloud making it available on any device.