I have read with interest the copies of translations of New Testament epistles in the Recovery Version. This is a version which I had not previously met. The version seems to me to be an accurate and fairly literal rendering of the Greek. The user of this version will get a precise impression of what the sacred text says.

With all good wishes:
Yours Sincerely,
F.F. Bruce


If it is possible, I ask that you send 1000 copies (of the Russian Recovery Version) for the Deputies, Ministers and other government personnel. And also thank you for the complimentary copy. If you have the possibility to send 1000 copies of the New Testament, I ask you to communicate by telephone with my assistant. May God Bless You.

National Deputy of the Ukraine,
Shykevichu Vladimir Gregorivich

Lakewood, CO

I have only had the Recovery Version for a couple of months and find I use it far more than any other version. The footnotes, explanations and cross references have all helped in my understanding of God's message.

Dover-Foxcroft, ME

It is my pleasure to tell you how much I enjoy this new study source. The insights are new and fresh which makes enjoyable reading times.

Redondo Beach, CA

Great New Testament! None like it. Explains every verse and God has revealed new things to me.

Hemet, CA

The best compliment is that we have used our New Testament Recovery Version. Many times Bibles are dust collectors, but this translation makes it the one to grab when in need of clarification. Thank you! Looking forward to Old Testament.

Rocklin, CA

I have always had a lot of trouble understanding the Bible. Most of this due to the old English used in my King James Version. The Recovery Version has opened so much to me. I understand much easier now. Thank you so much! I eagerly await [the release of] the complete Recovery Version Bible!

The Recovery Version is printed on the finest Bible paper and is available in a variety of sizes and formats.